Jinx-with-youthWith a name like Jinx, you really have two choices: go by your middle name, or live up to your first name. Our intrepid youth pastor never considered the former option; he’s been chasing away bad mojo since the day he was born.

Never without a witty remark, an air horn, crazy-colored hair, a guitar, or a set of juggling sticks, Jinx will do anything for a laugh — or to get the attention of the kids he ministers to, a rowdy, engaging bunch of sixth to 12th graders.

Using humor juxtaposed with serious topics like loss, peer pressure, and depression, Jinx works hard to come up with new and inventive ways to reach St. Paul’s ever-growing youth group. He redecorated the youth space, making it into a combination pillow fort and coffee shop, creating a place where St. Paul’s youth feel they belong. He takes them on trips, provides them with service opportunities, plays silly games with them, and keeps them wondering what’s coming next.

Jinx believes strongly that kids learn better when they’re allowed to reach conclusions themselves, so his approach is to allow theology to develop from a deeper understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus. This sometimes means a few unconventional activities and events.

The youth at St. Paul, affectionately known as The Fam, learn by doing, serving, and asking lots and lots of questions.

In addition to his work as the youth pastor, Jinx serves as the worship leader for the the FUEL: Modern Worship Sunday service, where he’s joined by several talented members of the youth group.

A few facts:

  • He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Social Media. He is currently working toward his Master of Divinity and Biblical Languages degree at Phillips Theological Seminary.
  • He has experience in adult education, small groups, church marketing, hospitality and youth ministry from his previous positions at two United Methodist churches in Springdale, Arkansas.
  • Jinx spent six years in the Army, serving as a Chaplain’s Assistant, which is when he was first encouraged to follow his call to ministry.
  • He and his wife Jena have two daughters, Kali, 15, and Cadence, 9. They have three dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon.
  • Jinx enjoys playing video games and music in his spare time.